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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services

professional cleaning services evansville in

For the best professional cleaning services in Evansville, Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana needs to be your top choice.  We send out certified technicians that have the cleaning experience you'd expect from a professional cleaning company.  Our cleaning solutions are innovative and unique.  The way we clean requires 80% less water than other competitors and our solutions are GREEN certified and eco friendly.  If you don't see a service listed below that your're looking for give us a call, we are here to work with you to help you accomplish any cleaning need you have.


Carpet Cleaning Evansville IN:  Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

Carpets can hold up to 8X their own weight in dirt, dust and allergens and since it gets worked down into the base of the carpet fibers we just don't see it.  Unlike other carpet cleaners that use high pressure spray to clean that end up pushing the dirt particles deeper down and use a lot of water, the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service uses carbonated bubbles to lift and bring the particles up to the surface to be vacuumed away for a deeper clean, plus our methods use 80% less water than most other competitors.  For the best carpet cleaning Evansville has to offer, make sure it's Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana.  (CLICK TO LEARN MORE)

Upholstery Cleaning Evansville IN: Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

Cleaning the fabric on your sofa, recliner, or vehicle make sure it is done with the Chem-Dry name.  Upholstery cleaning in Evansville offered by Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana provides you with peace of mind and a clear understanding of our process.  It's a simple cleaning solution that uses the carbonated bubbles that foam up through the fibers of the fabric to clean and remove dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years.  Our services are affordable, professional and have been proven by hundreds of satisfied customers.  For professional upholstery cleaning in Evansville IN call Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana. (CLICK TO LEARN MORE)

Professional Stain Removal Evansville IN: Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

No matter how hard we try to stop spills and stains from happening in our home, they always find a way to end up on our carpets or upholstery.  Have no fear; at Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana we use the World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover which is known to remove even the most stubborn stains.  Be careful, before you try it yourself; just be sure that you use the right chemical stain remover the first time to avoid setting the stain in even more. (CLICK TO LEARN MORE)

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Evansville IN: Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana 

Area rugs, Oriental rugs, and just rugs in general need to be cleaned as often as carpets do, which is every 3 months.  They act as air filters and trap dirt and unhealthy particles in the air.  So, return the favor to your rugs that they deserve.  We deal with specialty rugs as well, each rug is made with a different material so it requires special attention.  Our certified technicians are in the know how when it comes to figuring out the best possible way to clean your rugs. (CLICK TO LEARN MORE)

Pet Urine Stain Removal Evansville IN:  Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

If you do have pets in your home then you'll notice that each pet has their own unique personality which adds to the overall feeling of a home.  However, sometimes Fido adds a little too much 'personality' on the carpet and upholstery.  When that happens be sure to treat the properly.  Our P.U.R.T (Per Urine Removal Treatment) is the best cleaner to choose from when you have stains in your carpet or house.

Tile and Grout Cleaner Evansville IN:  Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

Tile and stone finishes add beauty and value to any home, cabin or where ever it is.  Overtime, the grout can change colors due to the dirt particles that get trapped in the pores.  The services we offer help clean and sanitize grout, tile, and stone.

Granite Countertop Renewal Evansville IN: Chem-Dry of Southern Indiana

Granite Countertops are a big investment in any home, it is important to take good care of them so they will last for a long time.  Everyday wear and tear and placing hot pots or pans on the surface harms the protective seal they come with.  Our services clean, sanitize and seal your countertop.  Protect your countertops often to keep that shine looking healthy and so you don't have to replace them.